About Us

About Us

We are Lakeshore Importers, a small but motivated company specializing in importing wholesale items for everyone!

We believe passionately in great bargains and excellent customer service, which is why we are committed to giving you the best of both. 

If you're looking for something new, you're in the right place. We strive to be industrious and innovative, offering our customers something they want, putting their desires at the top of our priority list. 

Lakeshore Importers started in September of 2016, as a coop buying group, and we grew so large that we needed a new way to combine everyones orders, therefore, we created a website. This website works the same as any usually Facebook coop group. The more orders we get, the cheaper the pricing is for everyone! We were the first online e-commerce coop buying group in Canada (and everyone else followed behind us)

- Q & A -


Q1 - What is Lakeshore Importers?

     Lakeshore Importers is a wholesale company that offers a variety of items to thousands of customers across Canada and the United States for at-cost pricing.

Q2 – How does the pricing work?

     In order for Lakeshore Importers to get low pricing, we are required to order in bulk. Each buy quantity is based off of the previous buy, which allows us to estimate the pricing for that particular item. The pricing posted includes the group fees, customs duties, custom taxes and any additional charges the banks may charge for USD and CAD exchange rates.

     Lakeshore Importers can charge a maximum of $5.00 per item, above the at-cost-price, and a minimum price of $1.00. This allows us to cover the day to day expenses of running a business.

Q3 – How do I purchase?

     In order to get onto the buy, you have one week to purchase the items you would like. You will be required to purchase on www.lakeshoreimporters.com, add the items you would like to your cart, and checkout. All buys open Sunday, and close Friday at 8:00pm. Saturday will be used as a buffer; this will allow us to advertise items in order for us to reach the minimum purchase quantity.

Q4 – What is a host location?

     A host location is the city or area you would like to pickup your items. These host locations allow you to pickup in your local area, instead of driving long distances or pay for expensive shipping. When the item arrives, you will be tagged on our Facebook Group, Lakeshore Importers – Wholesale Pricing For Everyone!, when the items arrive to the host location. Delivery times will differ from each host, and may take a few weeks for the items to be delivered.

Q5 – Can we ship directly to you?

     Yes, we can ship your items directly to you anywhere in Canada. You are responsible to pay for any shipping charges associated with the order. Please pay for shipping under the shipping tab. 

Q6 – How long does it take for my items to arrive?

     Lakeshore importers, and staff, are committed in fast and safe delivery of your items. Most items are shipped from the supplier within 1 week from buy close date. Dependent on the delivery courier, FedEx and DHL both offer 4-day deliveries, while Canada Post is usually 2-6 weeks.

Please track the status of the buys here.

Q7 – How long does it take for my items to be sorted?

     Items are sorted within 24 hours from arrival of the bulk order. You can check the status of the buys here.

Q8 – How long do I have to pickup my order from the Host?

     Respectively, clients should pickup immediately when buys have arrived. Under certain circumstances, when absolutely no communication can be made with the buyer, we are required to abandon and resell their order without refund. Otherwise, all orders will be kept safe with the host unless the host returns the items to the Chestermere location due to a non-pickup. 

Q9 – What extra costs will I encounter while participating in a wholesale buy?

     You will not encounter any extra costs when you purchase off of www.lakeshoreimporters.com. When you purchase items, they will include the product cost, group fee, and duties and taxes. There is a chance of additional costs, but unlikely, but in the case that there is, the client must pay this cost upon pickup. The additional cost will be split amongst all buyers.

Q10 – How do I get my items placed in the pickup bin?

      In order to have your items placed in the bin, please fill out the form here. We are unable to process same day pickups.

     Lakeshore Importers and any staff members involved have absolutely no responsibility for any damages, injuries, economic losses, social distress, death, misuse, theft, or lost items during the use of the Bin System, and or the use of the product. We are unable to guarantee the security of everyone’s order when using the Bin System. If you are not comfortable, and do not want to risk having your items lost or stolen, please use our designated pickup times.

     If items are lost, or stolen, and a customer demands a refund, the refund will be kindly declined. If and when a chargeback occurs, a $50.00 plus GST penalty fee will be charged to the customer plus the cost of the stolen, or lost item. The total amount will be required to be paid in full, by cash, cheque, or e-transfer, within 1 week of invoice date.