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360° Rotating Car | In-Stock, Ships Thursday
360° Rotating Car | In-Stock, Ships Thursday
360° Rotating Car | In-Stock, Ships Thursday
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360° Rotating Car | In-Stock, Ships Thursday

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This light up toy RC stunt car is fast, fierce and flippin' fantastic. 360 degree flips, outrageous spins, single tyre wheelies and more, the Invincible Tornado remote control stunt car will give your kids hours of fun!

Optimum charging time: 80-100 minutes, (do NOT overcharge); Play time: 15-30 minutes.

Automatic,There is an automatic demo button in the upper right corner of the remote control. When pressed, the dump truck will automatically roll forward and backward;

The flexible front wheel drives the rear wheel, so that the remote control car flips up, walks upright, flips and jumps, 360° rotation;

The huge tires increase the balance of the vehicle, speed up the speed, clear tire lines increase friction, reduce unbalanced glide;

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