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The Amazing Absorbing Mat | Ships November 19
The Amazing Absorbing Mat | Ships November 19
The Amazing Absorbing Mat | Ships November 19
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The Amazing Absorbing Mat | Ships November 19

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The Amazing Absorbing Mat is the best way to stop dirt and moisture in their tracks. The secret is the perfect blend of super absorbent cotton and dirt-attracting microfibre. These two strong fibres work both independently and together to keep floors dry and clean. The cotton absorbs liquid such as rain, mud, slush and even oil and grease, while the microfibre collects dry particles such as dirt, sand and grass clippings.

Put an Amazing Mat at every door to reduce the amount of time you spend sweeping and mopping your floors over and over again. Floors stay clean for much longer, saving you time and money by not buying multiple mats you cannot wash. Less water, chemicals and garbage for the landfill also help protect the environment.

Size: 18"x28"


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